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Almost a century of leaf springs!


Standard Spring Co. is incorporated, and leaf springs are manufactured in the shop with fire, and hammers, and anvils. Percy Emory is the owner, and the location


Hilding Ostrom is hired as a blacksmith for Standard Spring Co.


Hilding purchases Standard Spring Co. when it goes up for sale.


Wes, Hilding’s son, joined the family business.


Hilding retired, and Wes assumed full ownership. By now, the business is called Standard Spring & Alignment Service, and is repairing trucks and autos, including suspension work, frame-work, and alignments.


Manufacturing is diminished and leaf springs, although repaired in-shop, are purchased and stocked from other manufacturing plants.


Scott, Wes’s middle son, joined full-time.


Wes retired (informally) and Scott assumed ownership.


The business, now called Standard Truck & Auto, moved to 2727 Patton Rd in Roseville from the longtime St. Paul location (and a Minneapolis location that was operating under a different name).


Standard Spring Parts became the new name, as the company exited the repair service (of vehicles and of springs) and began warehousing new leaf springs assemblies in mass, along with their attachment components.


Joy began full-time work at Standard Spring Parts.


Garrett, Scott & Joy’s oldest son, joined the business full time.


Standard Spring Parts moved to a warehouse in New Brighton, after almost 12 years in Roseville.


Arden Hills became the new location for the warehouse.

Our Experts

Scott Ostrom
Scott Ostrom has been at Standard Spring since the late 1970s, early 1980s, and is now the chief thinker in the office. But he also is a worker in the warehouse and cleans the bathrooms.
Garrett Ostrom
Garrett Ostrom has been at Standard Spring since Jr. High School, and full-time after college in 2013. He is the chief doer in the warehouse. But he also is a thinker in the office, and an ambassador with the customers, and scrubs the floors.
Joy Ostrom
Joy Ostrom has kind-of been at Standard Spring since marrying Scott in the late 80s, and definitely full-time starting in 2010, and is the chief ambassador at the customer’s business. But, she also is a worker in the warehouse and sometimes cleans the dishes.
Standard spring
You’ve come to the right place for leaf springs and suspension parts for trucks, including custom bent u-bolts.
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